Sam Hansen

Sam Hansen

Q: Who is Sam Hansen?

Sam interviewing Robert Schnieder at the Origins RelPrime Live Episode

A: Mathematical Communicator

Mathematics Communication Projects

  • Relatively Prime

    Relatively Prime

    Storytelling in the Mathematical Domain

  • Mathematics Communication Presentations

    Mathematics Communication Presentations

    Selected Library Presentations from Sam

  • Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

    Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

    Sam's Library Publications

  • 24 Hour Maths Magic Show

    24 Hour Maths Magic Show

    A Live Maths Magic Marathon

  • PRX STEM Story Grant

    PRX STEM Story Grant

    Three Letters Met on Broom Bridge

  • The Aperiodical

    The Aperiodical

    Guest Mathematics Blog Posts

  • Science Sparring Society

    Science Sparring Society

    Fights from the History of Science

  • The Other Half

    The Other Half

    An exploration of the life half of math and the math half of life

  • Strongly Connected Components

    Strongly Connected Components

    Long Form interviews with People in the world of Mathematics

  • Combinations and Permutations

    Combinations and Permutations

    Bad jokes, Wikipedia, and maybe some math

  • Suprisingly Awesome

    Suprisingly Awesome

    Surprisingly Awesome Podcast Interview about the Mathematics of Cardboard

  • Second-Rate Minds

    Second-Rate Minds

    Expository Mathematics Blog

  • Math/Maths History Videos

    Math/Maths History Videos

    Mathematical History Tour of Nottingham

  • Big Science FM

    Big Science FM

    Science Radio Guest Appearance

  • Math Babe

    Math Babe

    Guest Post on Mathematical Podcasts

  • Math/Maths


    Cross-Atlantic Mathematical News