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I am the Mathematics & Statistics Librarian for the University of Michigan (ORCiD 0000-0003-1070-8232), Director and Podcast Producer of, PodcastRE database designer and developer, and mathematics communicator. I created and hosted hosted the mathematical interview show Strongly Connected Components, went on and on about fights from the history of science in Science Sparring Society, and covered breaking mathematical news with Peter Rowlett on Math/Maths. My biggest creation is the twice Kickstarted series Relatively Prime. Here is my CV if you want to take a look. In January 2019 I became the Mathematics & Statistics Librarian for the University of Michigan, where beyond my outreach and liaison responsibilities I have been engaging in bibliometric research and DEI program development.

On a more personal note I spend what free time I have free time riding and fixing my bikes, playing and watching, soccer, brewing and roasting decaffeinated coffee, and listening to as many podcast as I can, at 2X with SmartSpeed turned on.


I am the Mathematics & Statistics Librarian for the University of Michigan. In this work I support the research and educational efforts of my departments, manage the mathematics and statistics collections and budgets, and engage in bibliometic research. I graduated with my MLIS from the University of Wisconsin, Madison were I experimented with topic modeling mathematical papers, developed subject guides for the Smithsonian libraries, and worked as the developer for a digital database and archive of podcasts.


I am the producer of multiple podcasts ranging from phone/Skype and on-location interviews to panel discussions and live recordings to multi-voice stories and scripted segments. Reaper and Audition have been my primary editing suites, but I have done work in Hindenburg and Pro Tools. I also consult on the creation and marketing of podcasts and am always available to help troubleshoot technical issues.


My graduate work was in pure mathematics, with an emphasis in graph theory. The research I conducted focused on edge-labelings in graph theory leading to a paper with Ebrahim Salehi, Zero-Sum Magic and Null Sets of Planar Graphs, published in the Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 72(55-64) and a much expanded Masters Thesis of the same title.


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